The Common Man’s Guide to the Crossfit Open: Part 3

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Crossfit Open Guide 3

Clive woke up to the the faint tickle of butterflies in his stomach.

He wasn’t nervous or scared about the first Crossfit Open WOD that morning.  Just……


Game Day

Clive stepped up to the bar, ready to tackle the first WOD of the Crossfit Open.

“3-2-1….Go!” shouted Belinda.

Clive, Dave, and all the other athletes in the heat gripped theirs bars and hoisted them overhead.

The workout was intense, but Clive could feel his preparation paying off.   When he got to the pullup portion, he felt strong and confident in managing his sets, reps, and overall exertion.

The crowd roared their approval.  Dave couldn’t believe how much that energized him.  And he wasn’t nervous about being in front of the small crowd.  He knew half of them.  His wife and kids had come out to support too.

At the end of the first WOD, Clive flopped down on his back and savored the rest.  He hadn’t pushed himself like that in a while, but he felt good.  He felt like he’d done well.

“Yay daddy!” his son yelled as he raced over and leapt onto Clive’s chest.

Clive laughed and sat up with his son.  He stood up, gave Dave and the other athletes a high five, and headed over to where the rest of his family was waiting with open arms.

cf open guide 3

Success and Reflection

The next four weeks of the Crossfit Open went well.

While all the workouts are extremely challenging, Dave feels like he does his best.  While his scores certainly won’t qualify him for Regionals, he could care less about that.  He’s proud that he set this as a goal and trained up to it.

Clive does a recap with Belinda at the conclusion of the Open.

“I’m so proud of you!” Belinda gushes.  “You’re doing so much better!”

Clive chuckles a bit and says, “Yeah my skills have gotten a lot better.  I went from zero double unders to fifteen in a row.  My pullups are also a lot better too: I can do sets of twenty pretty consistently now.”

“And to top all that off, I lost 5lbs.  Which is crazy because I was eating like an animal just to keep up with training.  I was hungry all the time.”

“Any intangibles on top of that?” Belinda inquired.  “It seems like you’re walking a bit taller and are a bit more confident lately.”  She pauses and then jokes, “You might even have a bit of a swagger.”

“It’s funny you mention that,” replies Clive.  “I’m definitely in a much better place mentally now than during the holidays.  And I just feel…better.  Maybe I do walk around a bit taller.  I just know that I feel better during the day.  And stuff that seemed like a big challenge before is a lot more doable.”

“People at work have even noticed.  They ask me what I’m doing now.  Some recoil in terror when I tell them I’m doing Crossfit.  Others might just make it to our next Open House.”

“The more the merrier,” said Belinda.  “Maybe you can teach them a thing or two.”

Clive gets up to start class.  Belinda stops him and asks, “But the real question is: Did you have fun?”

Clive grins from ear to ear and replies, “Can’t wait until next year……”

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