The Practical Guide to Wodify

wodify practical guide

Do you love reading instruction manuals?

Do you enjoy flipping through all 87 pages of tiny little type to figure out one thing?

Yeah, me neither.  I much prefer the Quick Start Guides that are usually included nowadays.  The ones that help you get up and running in just a few steps.

So I wrote this practical guide on how to use Wodify.

This isn’t the “How-to-Do-Everything-in-Wodify-Guide”.  It’s the “How-To-Hit-The-Ground-Running-And-Start-Using-Wodify-To-Get-Awesome-Guide”.

If you’re already on board with using Wodify as your Fitness GPS, read on!

Let Me Save You Some Timesave time

Wodify is intuitive – you could probably just figure it out yourself.

But wouldn’t you like to save a couple of minutes?

So let me give you a guided tour on how to use it on a daily basis for maximum results.  I’ve included hyperlinks to the Wodify Knowledge Base for more detail on each step.

  1. Get Access – Check your inbox for your username and password.  Download the app and enter your credentials.  You can also access Wodify from your desktop.
  2. Set it up – Hit up the ‘Settings’ tab.  Choose a Nutrition Coach (for later review) and upload a profile pic.
  3. Check the workout – Check out tomorrow’s WOD by clicking the ‘Today’s WOD’ tab from the menu.
  4. Make a plan – If you want to strategize for tomorrow’s WOD and check out your past performance, sign into the class from the ‘Class Schedule’ tab.  If you’ve got a result logged from last time, you’ll see your Performance Card displayed.
  5. Sign into class – When you hit the gym the next day, either sign into class from your phone or by hitting up the kiosk.  You’ll be able to check your previous scores by hovering over the graph icon beside the workout.
  6. Train and record your results – Run through class and hit the individual workout components as hard as you can.  If you want to enter your results section by section, keep your phone with you and enter as you go along.  If you’d rather wait until the end, enter it through the kiosk.  Be sure to select the ‘RX’ button if you completed the workout as prescribed for the day.
  7. Celebrate your success – When you hit a new PR on a lift or a workout, a gold star will pop up by your name.  You can also like and comment on other people’s scores.  I recommend doing this from your app’s ‘Whiteboard’ tab since the kiosk at the gym is set to whichever coach signed in last.
  8. Log your eating – When you’re ready to start logging in your nutrition journal, access that from either your app or online.  Fill out everything and hit ‘select review’.  Whoever you designated as your nutrition coach will get a notification.
  9. Check your history – Once you start accumulating a couple months worth of results, you can always access your history by selecting the ‘Performance History’ tab.
  10. Maintain your account – If you need to make any changes to your account, go to the ‘Settings’ tab to:
    1. Update your profile
    2. Set up Wodify to post to Facebook or Twitter automatically
    3. Change your payment information
    4. Provide feedback to the gym.

Play With Your New Toynew present

If you really want to learn about Wodify, check out their entire Knowledge Base.

It’s the most comprehensive documentation I’ve seen yet for workout tracking software.

Which is part of what makes Wodify awesome.

But there’s no substitute for actually using what’s in the box (even if you make a mistake).

After all, who buys a toy just to read the instructions?

Questions on how to use Wodify?  Contact a coach and we’ll help you get sorted out lickety split.

Photo credit: thejbird / Foter / CC BY