How to Slash Your Calories by 20% (Without Changing What You Eat)


What’s the simplest way to slash the number of calories you take in?

People spend so much time figuring out how many calories are in their food.

But they never take this one area into account.

And yet it can be the biggest one sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

Step #3 is….

No liquid calories.  Nothing you drink should contain calories.

  • No fruit juice
  • No milk
  • No sweet tea
  • No coffee-flavored desserts (lattes, etc.)
  • No sodas

Cut out the calories that you are drinking

What to Substitute

The easy answer is….water.  I don’t care if it’s filtered or from the tap.   Just straight water.

But I know that can get boring.

So here are some other options:

  • Ice water with a slice of lemon or lime
  • Seltzer water (flavored or unflavored)
  • Make your own flavored water
  • Unsweet tea or kombucha
  • Black coffee or tea

But what about Diet Drinks?

Come on now.  That’s a cop-out and you know it.

You know that Diet Coke isn’t the healthy alternative to your Regular Coke habit.

It won’t help break your addiction.  Or curb that sweet tooth you might have.

Why do this?

As mentioned in Step 1, we’re looking to control insulin and cripple fat storage.

A sugary drink is like a heat-seeking missile zooming straight into your fat cells.

Get Started Now

  1. Toss out any calorie-laden beverages that you have in your refridgerator or cabinet.
  2. It’s Easy – Just go turn on the tap.  Or go make/buy one of the other options.

Stay tuned for Step #4 – where we progress on to exercise and learn about the best upper body exercise known to the human race.

Photo credit: rafael-castillo / Foter / CC BY