How to Get Arms like Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama vists Orr Elementary in Washington, DC

Would you like to have arms like an Obama?

Michelle definitely has it together.

And Mr. President is no slouch either.

President Obama does push-ups at the Easter Egg Roll in Washington

Learn The Best (and Simplest) Upper Body Exercise Ever

The lowly pushup is the best (and simplest) upper body exercise.  Ever.

It works the arms and the chest directly.

You also have to use your abs and your back to stabilize if you want to do it correctly.

When done right, the pushup will work your entire body.

And you can do it anywhere – no gym required.  It also fits nicely in a suitcase.

But how to do it right?  People struggle with this simple movement for a variety of reasons.

How To Do a Pushup Without Feeling like a Weakling

  1. Learn how to set your midsection – keep your torso straight while contracting your abs.  Now contract your glutes.  Now that’s a tight midsection.
  2. Get down on the ground and place your hands shoulder width apart.
  3. Move your feet back so your body is straight.  This is your start position for the pushup.  If you can’t do a regular pushup from the toes, it’s OK for now to modify to the knees.
  4. Lower your body down until your chest and thigh touch at the same time.
  5. Press back up to your start position.

Get Started Right Now

Hop down on the floor and bang out a couple of sets

(Maybe like 3 sets of 5 with a 2 minute rest?)

Stay tuned for Step 5 – where we progress on to the best LOWER body exercise known to the human race.