The One Exercise that will Keep You Out of the Old Folk’s Home

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How depressing would it be to get stuck on the toilet?

Or to find yourself stuck getting out of bed?

I don’t mean losing your fuzzy slippers or your silky robe – I mean not having the leg strength or balance to physically stand up.

Yet, this happens to thousands of people every year – they lose the basic capacity to move and take care of themselves.

They don’t have the strength to survive on their own.

And this is when they move into an assisted living facility.

Preserve Your Independance – And Get Superfit

Both getting off the toilet and getting out of bed require you to go from a sitting to a standing position.

In other words, standing up from a squat.

The squat is a basic movement that every human being should know how to do correctly.

When done right, the squat will work your entire body.  It will keep you out of the old folks home, and will help you build the lower body you’ve always wanted.

And you can do it anywhere – no packing required.

But how to do it right?  People struggle with this simple movement for a variety of reasons.

How to Use Squats to Strengthen and Tone Your Lower Body

  1. Place your heels shoulder width apart – toes angled slightly out.
  2. Stand up nice and big and tall with hands on your hips (like Super-man or Wonder-woman).
  3. Make a diamond in front of your face with your hands.
  4. Sit your hips out and back like you’re sitting into a chair.
  5. Lower down until your hips are even with your knees.
  6. Pop right back up to hands on hips.

Get Started Right Now

Hop out of your chair and try banging out a couple of sets (Maybe like 3 sets of 10 with a 2 minute rest?)

Stay tuned for Step 6 where we combine the pushup and the squat into one of the most efficient conditioning movements in the world.

Photo credit: Transformer18 / Foter / CC BY