The Smart Guide to CrossFit Open Workout 16.2

Is 16.2 a test of skill or a test of strength? You be the judge.

The rep scheme on this can be a little tricky. Watch (and understand) the video below. Find the full workout description (with scaling options) on the official page for the 2016 Open Workouts.

Workout 16.2

4-min. AMRAP + bonus time:

25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans*

Time extends 4 minutes each time a round is completed.
* Reps decrease. Load increases.

Julie Foucher’s Warmup for CrossFit Open Workout 16.2

Prepare to perform at your peak ability with this warmup from 4-time Games athlete Julie Foucher.

  1. 1000m row (warm up pace)
  2. Dynamic warm up (lunges, high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, spiderman, inchworm)
  3. 30 Dislocates (with PVC)
  4. With empty barbell: squat clean warm up complex (3 rounds of 3 reps each: muscle clean, front squat, high hang squat clean, hang squat clean)
  5. Squat Clean: work up to the weight you are anticipating reaching in the workout
  6. 2 Rounds (warm up pace): 5 T2B, 20 DU, 3 squat cleans (starting weight)

The Ultimate Strategy for CrossFit Open Workout 16.2

Coach Rudy Nielsen from the Outlaw Way delivers a strategy that is guaranteed to deliver you to the barbell set every round.

  • Toes to Bar – Break into 5 sets of 5 reps with a 5 second rest between each set.
  • Double Unders – Break into two sets of 30/20 with a 10 second rest between each set.
  • Squat Clean – Perform singles. Do not try to touch and go. Perform the rep, drop the barbell, and immediately pick back up for the next rep.

Be sure to check out his outstanding video analysis of Dan Bailey’s performance and the finer details of 16.2 Strategy.

12 Movement Tactics for Excelling at CrossFit Open Workout 16.2

Ben from Wodprep offers a grab bag of movement tactics that will reinforce proper technique and keep you moving each round.
  1. Breathe on your toes to bar. Holding your breath guarantees you gassing out early.
  2. Don’t jump up to your toes to bar. Set a box or find a bar that is just above your reach. Save your legs for your squat cleans.
  3. Use grips on the toes to bar. If able, you can consider taping the bar.
  4. Focus on breathing instead of counting during the double unders. Don’t count – let your judge do that.
  5. If you’re doing double unders on stall mats, don’t stand on the seam between the mats. It seems simple, but that seam will catch your rope on each jump.
  6. On the cleans, don’t change your own plates. Have your judge/ friend/ mom change them for you.
  7. Use planned breathing breaks on the cleans. Don’t let the clock get away from you. Drop the bar, and take 1/2/3 breaths and immediately pick back up.
  8. Don’t walk away from the bar. This adds a huge amount of time to the set.
  9. Power clean into a front squat if your squat clean technique is lacking.
  10. If you can do double unders in your weightlifting shoes, use them for the whole workout.
  11. If you get to a weight on cleans that is above 70% of your max, use a weightlifting belt.
  12. Finish strong each round to sprint into the next round. This will make a huge difference in your score between you and people that don’t finish the round.

Check out Ben’s full explanation in the video below.

Ultimate Recovery Guide to CrossFit Open Workout 16.2

The Movement Rx provides a comprehensive recovery guide to get you back in the game for your next workout.

0:45 – thread the needle (lat opener)
1:35 – voodoo floss forearm
3:36 – gut smash
5:12 – banded couch stretch (hip flexors)
6:39 – body saw (calves)

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