Elite Crossfit Ball Slam Technique Secrets THEY Don’t Want You to Know About

Hope you had fun with that title – I sure did 😉

Ever wonder why we do ball slams?crossfit ball slam

You know, the exercise we use medicine ball slammers for?

Well, not only will I tell you about WHY we do them, but I’ll even cover how to do them properly.

The Purpose of Ball Slams in the Crossfit Curriculum

At my Crossfit Level 1 certification, I was having trouble with dumbbell squat cleans.

I was doing a great job of jumping and getting my hips open, but I kept catching them really high and then riding them down into the squat (instead of catching in the squat).

Enter….ball slams.

I was taught that one of the main takeaways for the ball slam was to teach how to use your legs to PULL yourself down into a squat.  That’s how you do ball slams, you pull the ball with your arms and your legs to finish in a squat and slam the ball on the ground.

Who knew?

How to do Crossfit Ball Slams Correctly

  1. Start with feet in squat position.
  2. Extend ball overhead completely with straight arms.
  3. Pull down close to body.
  4. Release ball around stomach height but keep hands close to ball.
  5. Bounce ball and then scoop underneath to catch.

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The Real Takeaway

Yes, it’s easy to half-ass this movement and just slog through it.

But focus on catching in a squat to get the full benefit of the movement.

Just like all the other movements, the devil (and the benefit) are in the details.

Got questions?  Sound of in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.